Types of wall décor to use in your home

Wall decorations come in a variety of types but ultimately, everyone choose the type of art that makes the home feel a certain type of way. Wall decorations offers you the easiest way to personalise your home and make it more artistic.

Here are different wall décors for your home

Sculpture – they offer you a chance to add visual interest on the wall. If you do not feel like a painting or a picture you could go for a wall sculpture.  They are 3D which makes them stand out on the wall and enhance the home.

Photography – it is a simple and classic way to decorate your home. many people chose to fill their homes with photography because it offers more personalised choices. You could go for personal travel photos, family photos or even printed images. Photography is more realistic than other forms of art.

Decals – they have become a popular home décor and are very easy t decorate. They can be used in different locations of the home with a variety of choices present.

Signs – signs are a more modern form of wall art for homes and they are not for everyone. They for more personal spaces like your child’s room, the home library, theatre of man cave. The sign can be anything from a favourite football team to a location in the world, it is up to you.

Panels – a popular feature in the modern home décor. Everyone is using panels for their home now. Hanging a series of panels that complete each other over a large living room wall or the headboard of your bed will certainly make the room more personalised.

Posters – posters have been around for a long time but they are still a popular home décor choice. Posters are made of thin print paper that is easily rolled up and stored away.  Posters are mounted on a hard backing or frame before you hand them on the wall.

Mirrors – while mirrors are not considered a from of art, they work well to decorate any home.  some mirrors are made with unique frames to give an artistic appearance. you could color the frame to match the scheme or theme in your home.  mirrors not only increase the light in the home but make it look bigger.

Tapestries – inspired by Chinese art, tapestries are made from woven materials and come in a frame. They are very artistic and create a beautiful design on the wall.

Wood vs metal vs canvas

Wood metal and canvas are some of the common and well-known home decors. Wooden art is becoming very popular with a number of designs available. Metal decors include sculptures and wall hangings that make the home more sophisticated. You can paint, write and print on canvas to create an artistic piece for your home.

Art is for the mind as much as it is for the sole. While the goal is to pick out something your truly love, you could also challenge yourself to find something captivating or artistic that will blow minds away every time you have guests at home.  use art pieces that resonate with your personality or art pieces that you made yourself.