Interior design tricks that will transform your home

Modern home décor is beautiful ad unique but can be difficult to set up especially when you are working under a budget. Good thing there are multiple ways you can decorate your home to make it modern, chic and stylish without having to spend more money.

Here are some budget tips on how to decorate your home:

Details do matter

Details make the décor more modern and higher end looking.  You can do this by crown moulding, which is a way of making the rooms finished. It involves bringing the walls, ceiling and floor together to give out an elegant appearance. Unfinished rooms look cheaper and unfinished. Crown moulding is not expensive, especially when you use the plastic printable versions.

Colour scheme or paint

The paint colour is one of the hardest decisions to make when decorating some of the rooms. Your home décor is generally based on a certain colour. You must match the colours of the walls and furniture to make the home more elegant looking.  You either for cool and understated hues or bold and dramatic colours. Another modern trend you need to follow is painting the doors black, it creates an expensive look and feel.

Add pillows for elegance and comfort

Pillows may have been created for comfort, but they serve a great deal when it comes to the home décor. Pillows give off a cosy layered feeling in the living room and the bedrooms. There are plenty of materials and designed you can choose to make the furniture look more modern and chick. Bright colours, pastel colours and statement pillows have become popular home decors. Use both large/overstuffed and small pillows to create an elegant appearance.

The window changes and accessories

Home decors without window treatments may look unflattering and unfinished. Window treatments are budget friendly, but they add a certain level of elegance to your home. choose lined materials for that elegant and chic look.  Be careful when selecting window treatments; make sure the colour scheme matches your furniture for a uniform look.

Hardware finishes

Unique hardware finishes can change the entire look of the home. it is easy to get confused with the number of knobs and drawer pulls out in the market. The good news is that getting the pieces from hardware stores in bulk makes it more affordable for everyone. Look out for poor quality and cheap looking finished because they will ruin all your other decoration efforts.

The best places to look for good hardware finished including flea markets, hardware stores and antique shops. If you can afford it, go for the heavy-duty knobs that will last you for a longer time.

Change the lighting

The way the light hits the home will determine if the arrangement is right. Make sure the curtains allow plenty of light into the home during the daytime.  Change the light fixtures to more modern and elegant ones to complete the chic interior design. Second-hand stores and flea markets have unique budget friendly pieces that will help you transform your home.