Easy ways to personalise your home

There is nothing as exciting as moving into a new house. The first thing that everyone always wants to do after they move is to make the new home more comfortable and personalised. Unless you build the home yourself, it is most likely not perfectly made for you. There are several things you will change to make it more personal to you.

Below are a few easy ways to personalise your home

Paint the doors

When painting the door and other parts of the home, consider the pant colour of the door compared to the colour scheme of the home. when painting the home, contemplate if you want the home. update the hardware for shiny ones that give the home a fresh look.

Put up personal photos

The easiest way to make the home more personal is by hanging photos of you, your family and friends. Use removable picture handling strips to decorate your home so you will not have to put nails on the wall.

Change your kitchen faucet

When doing a home renovation, most people tend to forget about the faucet. If the faucet in the kitchen is old you should consider getting a new, shiny one. The faucet can have a big impact on the home décor and how the kitchen looks. Make sure the faucet colour coordinates with the hardware

Paint the walls

Picking the right colours for your home is not that easy. You have to follow a colour scheme that will match the hone. You can also choose to save yourself some trouble and paint an accent wail, it is much easier, the colours on the walls has a lot to do with personalising the home and making it homier plus it helps you chose the colour for furniture and everything else.

Fresh flowers

If you are a flower person, you could use them to decorate your home. get a lovely vase to hole your flowers; get a dry vase for some seasons or flowers and a wet one for the others.

Roll out a fancy fluffy rug

Fluffy rags are a part of the modern stylish statement; they are generally very comfortable and soft on the foot and complete the furniture arrangement in the living room. Place it in the middle of the furniture where anyone can sink their toes into the squishy rug for more comfort. A comfortable house is much homier.

Change the light fixtures

This means swapping the lights for a more modern and stylish version that captivates you.  This can make the home feel new and more personalised. Buy lamps that will match the walls and the furniture, basically the theme of the home.  use an overhead fixture in some rooms in the home for convenience.

Share your family or travel memory

There is no home more personalised than one with picture hangings on the wall. You could have pictures of friend, family and those of your travelling adventure if you are that kind of person. If you have multiple pictures, you could place them on frames on the wall, if they are just a couple of pictures, have them printed on a large canvas for statement pieces.